Be bold. Stay fluid. Have fun. Give a shit. Embrace diversity. Express yourself. Think. Ask questions. Huddle together. Do meaningful work. Explore new things.

    NUU does things that have never been done before. If you’re looking to disrupt the way things traditionally have been done, differentiate yourself through brand innovation, or challenge your market — now’s your chance.

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      Jez Babarczy

      CEO + Partner

      Kevin Daughtry

      Director of Operations + Partner

      Gabriel Gurrola

      Director of Video / Photo + Partner

      Carissa Hempton

      Design Director

      Alex Anderson

      Senior Strategist

      Tres Garner

      Art Director

      Jennifer Bedoya

      Account Executive

      Raul Troyo

      Business Strategy

      Pepe Castañeda

      Graphic Designer

      Jose Rodriguez Palomo

      Lead Videographer

      Ceci Castellanos

      Graphic Designer

      Nadia Hussain

      Digital Design Lead

      Jessica Wall

      Studio Manager

      Sofia Villarreal

      Lead Graphic Designer

      Ivan Cortez

      Videographer + Motion Designer

      Renata Foncerrada

      Project Manager

      Cristian Ruiz

      Graphic Designer

      Daniel Franco

      Software Engineer

      Yamil Diaz

      Full Stack Developer

      Jose Luis Pamplona

      Software Engineer

      Ana González

      Software Engineer

      Mark Ball

      Print Director

      Héctor Licea

      Graphic Designer

      Yazmin Salgado

      Graphic Designer

      One team. Two offices.