Launching a Civic Nation battle cry

Alex Anderson
Constant Curiosity, New Things

While in office, every U.S. President has social impact projects that contribute to the wellbeing of citizens throughout the United States. I’m sure you’ve seen social impact campaigns from the White House over the years.

But while many of these campaigns dissolve or shrink after the Presidency has shifted, President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama wanted to ensure that the important work that was started wasn’t neglected (or dissolved, even). To solve that problem, they launched a 501(c)(3) nonprofit to house their campaigns and launch new ones. That’s cool, right?

Empowering people to take action can change culture.

Introducing Civic Nation

Civic Nation is a nonprofit launching locally supported, grassroots initiatives that have national and lasting impact. They work in four key areas: education, civic engagement, gender equality and social justice. While this is where their focus lies as of now, the team is growing and more initiatives are coming down the pipeline.

The team combines the power of policy experts, community organizers, and creatives who have united together to empower people to take action. While the approach for each initiative is mission-driven, they believe problems can be solved through inspiring, educating and activating people around the nation.

  • Civic Nation inspires with culturally relevant content that captures attention and sparks action.
  • Civic Nation educates by giving people direct access to information, tools and resources on issues that affect them.
  • Civic Nation activates people to organize their communities by supplying toolkits, campaign materials and digital tools.

Civic Nation is determined to stay a nonpartisan effort, but many people are under the impression that it’s simply an Obama legacy project. The issues that Civic Nation works on are not only important—but most have bipartisan/nonpartisan appeal. And while the partisan fights are crucial, so much progress can be achieved in the nonpartisan space.

Each initiative in motion at Civic Nation has its own team: organizers, creatives, policy experts and dreamers who are confident that they can change the world for the better. This work is important, and is ever-expanding as the team looks to make the largest impact possible in the world.

Education Access

Reach Higher and its campaign Better Make Room work to empower educators and students, respectively, to open doors to post-secondary education for first generation and low income students.

The College Promise Campaign is building broad public support for funding the first two years of higher education for hard-working students, starting with America’s community colleges through local College Promise programs.

Creator Force works to diversify the creative class by inspiring students, exposing them to the opportunities and arming them with tools to become the future of the creative industry.

Civic Engagement

#VoteTogether works to engage citizens and increase voter participation across the country by making our civic duty an opportunity for community celebration.

The ALL IN Campus Democracy Challenge is cultivating the next generation of engaged citizens by recognizing colleges and universities for their commitment to increasing student voting rates.

Action Civics works to teach civic engagement practices by developing skills, knowledge and dispositions of citizenship in youth; prompting them to use them in the world.

Gender Equality

The United State of Women unites and empowers all women to turn their passion into action by breaking down intersectional barriers that prevent the diverse women of the United States from achieving equality.

It’s On Us is building the next generation of leaders in the movement to combat sexual assault by engaging young men and changing culture on college campuses.

Social Justice

Erase The Hate is building a movement against hate in America by creating a groundswell of people across the country tackling hate in unique and innovative ways.

This initiative is a partnership with NBCUniversal and has created the first-ever accelerator against hate — providing six organizations with resources, guidance, expertise and funding to accelerate their efforts on the ground.

The Creative Alliance

The beauty of Civic Nation comes through collaboration. NUU Group is a member of the Creative Alliance, a group of leading creative companies that includes Mekanism, Huge, Facebook and Comedy Central, among others throughout the country.

Each member of the Alliance believes in giving the same firepower to the nation’s challenges as they do to some of the world’s biggest brands.

The advertising and media world is at the cutting edge of social influence — and in today’s social climate, it’s time to use that power to change the world. More than eighty companies are devoting time, talent and resources to develop world class strategies and activations that fuel each initiatives.

What's coming next?

NUU Group + Civic Nation

Now, where does NUU Group come in? Civic Nation was in the shadow of the White House for awhile—but now it’s time for them to come out to the world! Thus, the opportunity has risen for Civic Nation to launch “for the first time,” and make a name for themselves based on the merit and national impact of the work coming out of the organization.

Over the last few months, we’ve been working closely with Civic Nation and their people to launch a new brand, positioning and launch strategy for the nonprofit organization.

Be on the lookout in the future! There’s a lot coming from NUU Group and Civic Nation as they officially “launch” to the world for the first time. If you, or the people around you, are passionate about making an impact in the world, don’t hesitate to reach out for more information. And we’re excited to share their work with you—it’s important, and they need as much support as they possibly can get.