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Civic Nation
Nonprofit + Government
Brand Innovation, Digital Experience

Empowering people to take action can change culture.


From the White House

Civic Nation first launched under the Obama administration as an organization to house national initiatives for local impact around the subjects of education access, civic engagement, gender equality and social justice.

Problem Statement

What's the issue?

Social, economic and civic prosperity requires more education, more civic action at all levels, and progressive policy and practice leadership at all levels of government, education, business, civic institutions. How can we prompt the nation to get involved?

The issues that Civic Nation’s work on are not only important, but most have bipartisan/nonpartisan appeal. The partisan fights are crucial, but a lot of progress can be achieved in the nonpartisan space.

Brand Identity

Logo Development

The logo for Civic Nation consists of the word civic, stacked and aligned left with nation. Both words are typeset lowercase in the typeface Regular Bold. The inverted "i"—an exclamation mark in civic shares it’s dot with “i” in nation. Honing in on concepts of excitement, importance, awareness, community and individuals coming together for a common good.

We built a branding system that uses a primary color of each of Civic Nation's six initiatives, so it complements other efforts.

Empowering people to take action can change culture.