Deka Solutions


Deka Solutions
Information Technology
Brand Innovation, Digital Experience, Digital Transformation

A for-profit donor management platform working hard to give back to nonprofit organizations.


How can we make a difference?

Each to their own, of course. As a giving platform and payment processor, Deka gives money back to nonprofits to use for services, events and operations. In the Greek, Deka means “tithe" or the number ten, calling to a church tradition to donate 10% of your available income.


Payment processing, for good

Giving is the heart of Deka: they dedicate a large percentage of income to nonprofit work. As well, a major portion of each customer's payment processing is given back. Saving each nonprofit money means more dollars making a difference.

It should be easy to give back.

Brand Identity

Logo Development

The logo for Deka Solutions contains strong, serif typography, giving a nostalgic feel to the user from the Greek inspiration the name arose from. With a larger-than-normal period at the end, stopping the icon in its tracks, we can feel the sturdy and dependable system that's needed for something as serious as donor management for nonprofit giving.

Digital Product

Design-thinking to launch a digital product

We started by conducting a design-thinking workshop to discover each need of the project, what the client expected to achieve and the total size of the project.

NUU defined the functionality needed and the ideal user—developing empathetic personas to guide design decisions like word selection, font size and suggested actions.

The brand will have an expanding library of icons, primarily be used by designers and developers for the web app experience. Each icon has been built considering the round shapes in other brand elements, bringing a cohesive feel to the brand identity.

Give better.