Hearts in Action


Hearts in Action
Brand Innovation, Digital Experience

Driving innovation through educational, economic and environmental development programs in Central and South America.

Problem Statement

What's the issue?

There is an unfair battle playing out on the land, and residents are losing their land, trees and livelihood. What can be next for a community stricken with an ongoing cycle of generational poverty?

Hearts in Action’s impact is three-fold: focusing on education, ecology and enterprise for those in the Mayan biosphere.


A social change organization

Hearts in Action believes in change. And their process is rooted in listening to the people around them, focusing on using appreciative inquiry as a model that seeks to engage communities in self-determined change.

Brand Identity

Logo Development

The concept of the Hearts in Action logo centers around the heartbeat of the organization—people and places. The jungle is abundant with plant life, wildlife and the vastness of nature in its purest and untouched form. Nature not only serves as a metaphor for the life of Hearts in Action, but also the environment from which it was born and continues to thrive in beauty, complexity, and depth

Brand Identity

An icon set

Unique heart icons, inspired by the variety of plant life in the jungle, have been developed for the identity to showcase a varied and inspiring world, waiting to be discovered.

Love the jungle

With a new identity and website, Hearts in Action is stepping forward into a new realm of life, ensuring that the Mayan biosphere flourishes. Over the next five years, Hearts in Action will grow and see more students, launch new microventures out of South America, and work to protect and engage with the surrounding jungle.

Take care of what surrounds you.