Honeycomb Contracting


Honeycomb Contracting
Brand Innovation, Digital Experience

Finding a reliable professional for a remodeling project should feel like coming home: comfortable and friendly and trustworthy.

The intricate craftsmanship that Honeycomb offered was a necessary element to their brand. Combined with a familiar and authentic feel, their new identity displays a refined and high-quality approach to construction.

Icon Rationale

Shifting perspective.

The structure of the monogram was developed around three key principles. The first? Inspired by the hexagonal structure of honeycomb, you can see the geometric form within the encasing lines of the monogram, as well as throughout the pieces of the inner design. The next piece was built from the H letterform, a sturdy representation of the project's namesake. And finally, throughout the design we eluded to a shifting perspective that was reminiscent of architecture and construction.


Finding the right partner.

No one ever entered a home remodel or project expecting a disaster, but we all know someone with a horror story. A contractor is central to the success of each project and hiring a good one can make all the difference. But once you've started looking for a contractor, it's easy to find all levels of experience and ability. What's the right choice?


A lack of trust.

Contracting has a reputation for lacking transparency and credibility. It's hard to know how much it should cost and most people have no idea if the guy doing the work is going to do a good job without ripping them off. Honeycomb needed a brand that showed how dependable and trustworthy they were in an industry working against them.


Speaking the right language.

For the greatest impact, you have to help an audience feel like they have the power to create something incredible. With a fresh and polished look, NUU Group launched a new website that targeted ideal clients in the middle to upper class who had plenty of dreams—and plenty of money to spend. Honeycomb's new site shared a vision for the future that was inspiring and collaborative.


A brand to build with.

The visual systems created for the client provided Honeycomb the tools to build a future that was straightforward and humble. An honest approach ensured that potential clients felt understood and supported as they transform their home into something that they would love for decades to come. The biggest goal was met: developing something that showed their sincere care towards vendors, clients and collaborators alike.

Creative work is collaborative. Every member of our team recognizes that our work is more impressive when we do it together, and we truly believe that.

Toufic Halabi

Inspired by nature. Built on trust.