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Houston Texans
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Digital Experience, Video Production

Houston’s football team wanted to take the public underneath the helmet for an in-depth and immersive experience with the Texans.

Whether it's watching a Houston Texans' game in a private suite, accessing the football team like no one can, or networking to build a business, Luxe members are treated to a customized and luxurious membership.


Gameday excitement, all the time.

Only a select few suites at NRG stadium can offer the level of luxury and opulence that comes with Houston Texans Luxe. And more than that, members are provided multiple opportunities to grow a business network and forge new relationships.

But when memberships expire and reserved suites open up, they should be secured quickly to keep operations lively and stadium energy high. A creative campaign was needed to relaunch Luxe and inspire excitement.


Telling the right story

To inspire further action from potential members, a beautiful website was designed and developed to show the community what their experience would include—and why they should participate.


Showing the world what luxury means.

With a series of videos to show off the truly breathtaking experience, NUU Group captured the attention of Houston's business leaders. Each spot showed off a different aspect of a Luxe membership—from the pregame receptions and postgame field access, to the impressive views that each suite offers.

We wanted to take our members under the helmet, like they're part of the team, with other individuals that are enjoying that experience, too. And one things leads to another. Who knows what can happen next? There's great value to be created from that.

Jamey Rootes

Membership has its privileges, after all.