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Leading Second
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Most resources are aimed towards titled leadership of an organization, while those within the ranks struggle to find empowering materials or community.


Developing young leaders

Too often, young people push the eject button and move on to the next thing because they feel unfulfilled and uninspired.

People who serve someone else’s vision have to navigate unique tensions and challenges. It’s hard. And there are very few resources aimed right at this particular need, even though there's immense potential within this group of people.

Problem Statement

This is universal

There are very few resources aimed right at second-chair leaders. Where do the leaders within the organization go to be refreshed? Where do young leaders experience community with peers? It’s a problem that’s unfulfilled personally for support staff.

In a world that’s about taking what’s yours, Leading Second shows young, ambitious leaders that serving, honoring and giving back is a crucial and beneficial first step to leadership. And that starts with community.


We developed a focused visual identity that stayed true to the community that the founder came from.


A vibrant, urban feel

The reflected “2” and grid system of geometric shapes was built with the idea of perspective, a larger sentiment that embedded itself within the brand from the very beginning. Perspective is everything. If young people are to be good leaders, they need to have high levels of emotional intelligence and self-awareness.


Young leaders need community

They need a community full of insight, encouragement and resources. Through in-person coaching, a new digital experience online, and series of teaching videos to inspire, Leading Second's community has solidified. And since then, the video curriculum has become a staple for those aspiring to servant leadership.

I’ve had a particular vision for Leading Second ever since the concept came to me years ago. It takes an intentional team and close partnership for an agency to do work like this, and it became everything I wanted for the community and more.

Brandon Stewart

Working to put leadership into perspective.