Everspring + CW Plastics


CW Plastics
Garden Materials + Manufacturing
Brand Innovation, Digital Experience

Who says wholesale plant saucers, liners, clear floral boxes and cork mats can’t be sexy? Certainly not us.


Ambition for the future

A 30-year old brand was losing to its competition. With such an innocuous product, Curtis Wagner Plastics lacked an identity and focus that could set them apart from the competition. With sights set on the future, they realized that in order to stay ahead, they needed to invest in their future.

Everspring Identity

Developing an identity

To kick things off, we developed a new name and brand identity for their lawn and garden line. Introducing Everspring.

With beautiful product photography and illustrations, Everspring's catalog was designed for a new launch.

Brand Identity

A brand for Curtis Wagner

The future of CW Plastics is much bigger than just Everspring. To set the company up for success, motivate the existing team, and set the standard for future product development, they turned to NUU Group for a a new brand identity.

Brand Identity

Made in America

A leading manufacturer and wholesale marketer of plastic products proudly made in the USA, Curtis Wagner Plastics delivers in-house design and production of every product that they sell.

American-made and beautifully produced.