Sunshine Beauty Salon


Sunshine Beauty Salon
Consumer Goods + Wellness
Brand Innovation, Digital Experience

Real wellness for a modern consumer, obtained through an unforgettable experience.


The industry at large

The beauty and wellness industry has grown exponentially in recent years. There's a new, collective consciousness to the different habits we have throughout our day-to-day life. What we consume, how we consume it, and the impact it has.

Problem Statement

What's the issue?

Although there are currently several spaces focused on the welfare and perception of the consumer, there are few who execute with precision and quality. Much less, those who understand the needs of a changing society and are willing to put in time and effort to solve for it.

Sunshine was born to solve this reality. A salon and spa whose main engine is innovation, trends and technology. Luxury, defined by quality and service.

To the future

When the world changes, you might need to as well. Sunshine is working overtime to build a salon experience that's representative of the modern age. Come one, come all.

A salon and spa built to cater to a changing society.