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When you’re trying to reach everyone, you’re going to have a hard time reaching anyone. Specialization is key to long-term growth and success.

With contradicting budgets, pain points and service offerings, it doesn't make sense for a creative agency to work with vastly different types of clients.


Specialize or die.

A small creative agency will struggle to land clientele in both the corporate and the church world. To solve for this, Yellowbox rebranded as an agency that solely works with churches and ministries. This created a clear message for both clients and the team that makes up the agency.


Developing creativity in the local church.

By forming a strong position in the market, the agency was able to secure itself as an expert on specific topics when pitching new business, writing a byline article, or applying to be a speaker at a conference.


Opening the box

The identity of this niche agency needed to communicate the creative spirit that churches everywhere desperately wanted to embrace. The icon, reminiscent of unfolding a box, prompts churches (and the internal Yellowbox team) to build the brightest solutions possible.

Digital Presence

Exploring new depths.

What if we're called to be creative in every aspect of our lives? That thought inspired the launch of Yellowbox's online offerings, including long-form articles on the creative process, downloadable white papers helpful to church planters, and in-depth interviews with well known speakers, musicians and authors.

Digital Presence

Telling the world.

Beyond just serving churches creatively, Yellowbox is passionate about sharing ideas, processes, planning and best practices with others. Along with the new brand, website and collateral, an aggressive digital campaign was launched to tell the world about their ambition.

Here’s the truth: It’s impossible to lack creativity while standing in the presence of the creator. The Lord has graced us with an intrinsic ability to create. To design beauty from nothing. To write, to draw, to build, to sing and to dance for something and someone bigger than ourselves.

Kevin Daughtry

Narrow your focus. Broaden your reach.